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Cultural and religious Buildings


Casa memoriala Constantin Brancusi The Memorial House "Constantin Brancusi" from Hobita ( 29 km from Targu Jiu ) ,from where this son of Gorj lands went to Paris . In this area of Oltenia Subcarpathians the great sculptor carved ideas , becoming a world fame and found the most fertile sources of inspiration.

The Memorial House "Ecaterina Teodoroiu" from Targu Jiu is the place where The Jiu Heroine was born. She was decorated for his courage and advanced to the rank of lieutenant in The First War.

Manastirea Tismana

The Monastery of Tismana (10 km from Hobita) is one of the oldest and most famous historical and medieval monument of Romanian architecture. It was built by Vlaicu Voda Basarab, at the urging of Serbian monk, Nicodemus, between 1375-1378. Its name came from yew trees that once covered the entire region. The Polovragi Monastery (60 km from Targu Jiu) was founded in 1505 and built by Radu and Patru, the sons of Danciu Zamona and rebuilt by Constantin Brâncoveanu in the next century. Inside the body cells restored between 1976 - 1979 they have organised an exhibition of medieval art , rare books and manuscripts, religious art and frescoes from 1732, wooden icons. Today retains beautiful original frescoes.

The Lainici Monastery (32 km from Targu Jiu) is a hermitage built in the XV century and restored in the XIX century. It is located in the Jiu Valley Gorge in the Lainici pass. Even the word "Lainici" of Greek origin, has the meaning of pass through stone mountains. Its beginning, the first building and the first monks are in the XIV century. It was apparently founded by St. Nicodemus.

Muntii Parang Parang Mountains (peak maximum altitude in Mandra 2.519 m) elevation ranks second in the Romanian Carpathians, after Fagaras. Given this, naturally, their attractiveness is the presence of traces left by glaciers Quaternary basins, lakes and glacial valleys, moraines increases . They are crossed by the highest road in our country Transalpine, that reaches an altitude of 2.200 m, providing picturesque images.


Also in the area there are Valcan Mountains whith wooded ridges, rounded edges and attractive areas for those who want to practice climbing.

Pestera MuieriiWomen's Cave (Pestera Muierilor - near Baia de Fier), natural monument that contains the original jewelery (calcareous concretions) that give fantasy and splendor of the cave. Halls of the conservation areas have evocative names: "Bat Room " (hosts numerous colonies of bats) , "Bears Gallery" (where they found bones of cave bear). Today, fully elecrificated, form and archaeological reserve. He served as a home to people since the Middle Paleolithic. Her name reminds that it was used as a shelter for women and children in the era of migration of peoples.


Polovragi Cave. The cave (in gorges), they form a labyrinth galleries. An old legend says that here lives Zamolxe, Dacian god, and the drops trickle of stone icicles would be nothing but tears shed by God after the conquest of Dacia by the Romans.


Closani Cave (433 m altitude), in the foothills of Mehedinti has a reach fauna and numerous calcareous concretions. It is easily accessible.

Other caves: Cave Cioaca in Brebeni, Mehedinti Mountains in the northeast, with a setting of great value Plaiului Mouth Cave, near Baia de Arama, Speleological reserve and natural monument.

Keys and gorges
Defileul JiuluiJiu Defile is one of the most spectacular gorges in the Carpathians. The Jiu River pierces the mountains opening a gate between Transylvania and Oltenia. The road, a stone porch hollowed mountain winds on the Jiu bold and the railway passes over dizzying precipices and penetrates many tunnels.


Oltetului Keys are 2 km long, carved with patience by Oltetului shining water at about 15 m below the road. This attractive landscape forms a flora reservation that is worth to be visiting and protected.


Sohodolului Keys are magnificent gorge that runs 10 km in the Valcan Mountains, forming a complex reservation. They are considered a challenge for climbers because of the height of the walls (almost vertical) reaching 200 m.


Corcoaia Keys (40 km upstream of Baile Herculane) on the upper Cerna have a length of 200 m and they are extremely interesting in their vertical walls, taller than 150 m, and the multitude of forms that include. They form a geological reservation.

Localisation of Pension Simona

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